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Selayang Pandang Charms

Grouping or classification where there is a mystical always have 2 trend divided into White and Black groups (Black Magic and White Magic) in Bali known as the Pengiwa and Penengen, and if so can we separate firm, whether we can so easily grouped,,

Science, spell, magic is a supernatural phenomenon, is based on faith and morality.
No matter what you learned, no matter what you diligent when the conviction are flip and morality of who learn it less, then surely that science will be turning ... from that scientific purposes.

In science and technology, such as a Nuclear Weapons, Tank, Ship Combat, missiles, etc., are weapons of the enemy, but also weapons to survive from enemy attack. Weapons to maintain the integrity of the nation and state.
Similarly in spell, depending with the Person that learn it.

Another example of people that studied Economics and Accounting working in a financial institution, and then use the abuse of science by making false financial statements. Can We verdict Accounting its a false Sciences....???
once again "Person"

In the tradition of "nyastra" in Bali is known that 2 kinds of spell KAWISESAN and KAMOKSAN.
Kawisesan more emphasis on powerful power that tends to do with worldly things.
Kawisesan optimize the Person forces himself to the goals and interests more worldly reply.
such as: medication to cure the disease, achieve wealth, power, enjoyment of life and others.

Kamoksan more pressure on the temporality for release towards the unity with the Creator, the unity of the atma with the creator.

In accordance with the purpose of life Moksatram ya ca iti jagadhita dharma, then the spell kawisesaan that emphasize in worldly and eventually will increase kamoksan pd.

And personally I prefer the schools of the division and embrace the tradition of scholarship as Nyastra,,

Learning NgeLEYAK

To learn science Leak, there must be a physical preparedness and mental. Science of Leak can be studied by all People and should have been over 15 years and above, or have menek bajang / truna.

Get started learning ngeleak;
- They need Parent approval, especially from mother and very good if you sungkem (collapsible) and put the mother foot on your head.
- Get the Bless in Sanggah kemulan Temple (Rong tiga), ask the blessing of ancestor
-Get The Bless at Pura Dalem Temple, could also at Temple Rajapati / Ulun Setra.

Preparation from Guru Nabe
There are certain requirements that need to prepared by students from the begining of learning of the ritual procession.

Learning Leak Selem (Black Leak).
Grand master of Leak Selem is Durga,

this puts the Person learn this kind of science have to bow Durga as a god and the wishes and blessing center.

1, choosing a good day; Kelion, Kajeng Klion.
2. More Offering and Sanggah Cucuk (Made from Bamboo)

3. On that good days they will be doing the opening procession of a kind "initiation" in the cemetery.
4. Ngerasukan (Filling with the magic) with Nengkleng (standing on one leg) in the front of sanggah cucuk and saying mantra (SECRET). fore your hair on the front of your face .. and then go around sanggah cucuk 3 times.
at the moment when you dancing around the sanggah cucuk switch foot position left and right with saying the mantra wish a bless of power from Dewi Durga.
5. After that ritual and then the next things its start the education from Guru Nabe.
Learning Leak Sari.
Source of Learning Leak sari is the god Brahma, Person this kind of Leak belief is the source of Sciences its come from God Brahma.
The way learn Leak Sari its different from Leak Selem.
but is not much different preparations.

1. Good day to learn Leak Sari Pinanggal Pisan or the first day before the full moon.
2. Offering more emphasis on Red Color such as penek barak,the meat of Siap biing and others.
3. The procession carried on 4 Junction road (you can see all 4 main wind direction).
4. Offerings placed on the front line and corrected the student facing the north as the seat of God Brahma.
5. Ngerasukan can be done in midnight with saying mantra prayers to God Brahma wishes his bless ..

Stages of Learning Pengeleakan (Curriculum)

1. The introduction stage;
- Starting from the initiation from Guru Nabe.
- Introduction to Science of Leak
- mental readiness of the students.

2. Basic stages.
- Kanda Pat; ngerasukan kanda pat ring angga sarira (Inject the Kanda Pat into
Your Soul)
- Ten character; ngeracah Ten Character,Inject Ten characters into your soul.
- Respiratory / Control your Breath. (Dasa bayu)
- gathering power of magic
- Kundalini-sakti,
- Muter Bhuana.
- Mudra
- And so on.

3. Ngelekas, / Ngerogo soul (Shape Shifting).
- meditations,
- Climb to other Dimension
- tetengger,,
- ngerogo sukmo
- Change form (Shape Shifting) ..
- And so on ..

4. Deepening
- Seminars
- increase the level
- Retreat
, etc.

The essence of the teachings of Leak Science is Dasa Aksara (Ten Characters) Most Important its Panca GNI (Five Characters).
Ngerasukan or turn 5 Element of fire inside the Body.
Agni Petak in the heart flow that power through sumsumna to the crown, Agni bang in the heart to the mouth,Agni Kuning from kidney to his ear, Agni Cemeng in bile into the nose and Agni Nila in the heart to the hair ...
The process to activate This Panca Gni is called GNI Murub that come out as a glare (fire) ..

Bebai (Bali Voodoo)

person-affected bebai called bebainan.

Bebainan a disease in which the victim possessed something / that magic into his body,Possessed here caused by incomer has and care Bebai.

Example of the victims react to Bebai,,
- Stomach area pain, especially under the navel and above the genitals feel
likes being pierced
- Pain in umbilical solid (enek) feel such a movement,,
- heart side feel such a movement,
- sufferers often collapse when the pain comes/ recurrence.

There are also symptoms such as:
body pains, tingling and sore aching body such as tingling. could also whole body was swollen.

If bebai attack reach your head, such patients would be crazy.
When attacked around the hand / joint-sufferers will scream/ Screaming and seizures.
when attacked in the mouth, the patient will talk with their self, crying ..

Patients with bebai are dificult to held, usually struggling and fighting such as scratching, bitting, hitting, kicking. sometimes great strength is not as usual.

The easy time Bebai will attack;
- Youth at the moment of transition (manhood)
- Into marriage
- Wrote a spoiled child.

Whenever Bebai easily attacked.??
- At the moment coming months teenage girls ..
- blank mind at the moment due to daydream, fantasize, also sometimes when that
person have chaotic mind ..
- Bebai can getting great at a certain time such as Sandikala (Dawn), and the
day before Rerainan,
What are the ingredients to make Bebai;
there are some materials / serana to make Bebai such as:

@ The fetus of a miscarriage.

Fetus of age of 3 months, put into jars, made offerings such as a baby .. ..
when its born,taken to cemetary to get a grace / strength. Since that name was changed to RARE WONG and since it also has become Bebai.

@ Human Brain.
Usually obtained at the moment there was an accident, which at the place its happened no ceremony held, ceremony pengulapan / nebusin ..
Other than the Brain also get some of the skin of the arm, feet ... and then cooked on palm leaves.
made offerings and ready to be Bebai.

@ Kind of pengawak (Object that madden)
Usually made tattoo on palm leaves, then wrapped in cloth to wrap such pengawak Ngaben ngereka at that time.
Planting in the intersection where you can see 4 main wind direction to get power ... this thing will draw energy / power of the people who pass that road.
after 42 days. Brought to Cemetary to get power in a form of Pasupati .. and then became bebai ..

Manufacturing processes bebai is long because it takes up to 210 days, then from that its not easy to obtain Bebai, and the price quite expensive.

Where you can get bebai;
bebai can be traded by their owners. Bebai maintain do-not necessarily for themselves, can also use for other people that dare to give some money to hurt people.
There even wrote a contract with the buyer.
is it enough just sick to a certain time, or until the victim dies.
if bebai completed its mission, it will return to the owner.

Types of Bebai; among others.
I jaya satru, I Inggo, Inumit, I Belog .. each Bebai have a friend up to 27. There bebai of 108 total. accordance with the number of Bhuta.

Bebai Privileges:
- When bebai get into the body of the target, and if the bebai glad to stay
there he'll be able to have children and make bebai family there.
- bebai can be controlled by the owner, and usually diligent work report.
- bebai can deceive the healers, with pretend to obey and go, but went back
after the healers left.
- bebai easily in and out of patient's body as he pleased.
- bebai will stay and go when the victim dies ..

Preventive action;
- Diligent cleaning yard, and yourself.
- Diligent praying and maturan
- Diligent Praying in Penunggu Karang (The Guardian Temple)
- Diligent praying.
- avoid stress.
-hang out and Dont close minded, open up to the parents, do not save the problem

Acep-acepan, Umik-umikan, Sesawangan.

This kind of science, penggunaanpun almost the same way.
Users of this science to imagine the object or victim of long-distance dr. with the intention intermediary they can reach the target dlm seconds.

day2 dlm certain users such Klion, etc. Klion Kajeng, rituil mengacep held the victim, this can be done repeatedly so that the victim is difficult to cure.
Usually the victim will each be treated and cured a few days later another recurrence.

was addressed and referred to the victim immediately attack ...
to strengthen and increase the suffering of victims, performed "ngumik" over and over again ..

Sawang = nyawang
meaningful ngayat,, jd doing something useful somewhere to elsewhere.

This type of classified Pengiwa Sciences, and difficult sipemakai known except by penengen / paranormal supernatural memeliki reply above two levels of users.

action to avoid:
- Diligent prayer
- Charity (not cheap)
- Avoid talking ill of others.
avoid lying, slander.
-Positive Thingking.

The salt had a lower mental character or such, gossipy, menjelekan, lie, dared to parents etc is very easy to get this knowledge.


Pangasren including also part of Pengiwa, pengasren users will look more beautiful, charming and youthful.
Pengasren used more by women than on men.

Where memprolehnya:
- Can get the Balian/guru2 pengiwa pd,
sj-be from inherited or derived from parent to child.

Dlm inherited cases, sometimes sianak did not know she had the goal .. dr pangasren parents to their children admired by many people, and certainly can be a married man.

Once with Pangasren mirib Pelet science ... as well as how it works

Penangkeb Science

These include the type of science Pengiwa (Black magic) wrote aims to make the person or group of people to be submissive and easy to master.

Serana Penangkeb.
- Without serana; a mantra (intention) of this science passer-owned bg already have a strong principled.
-By serana: Clothes, hair, feathers of the body, menstrual blood, etc.

Serana Penangkeb-made in the form of "tool" or a reply can be used in place pd certain places and eaten by a passer-like ditundukan.

Incomer Pengiwa high-level control of each of his limbs and any serana will be used to make penangkeb.

Anyone who can use penangkeb.
- Every person can use and wear penangkeb,
-the bulk of penangkeb used by science penekun Leak / pengiwe
-Can also be used by leaders / officials in order to easily manage and control his subordinates.

Penangkeb wearing Ciri2 people.
-Appearance authoritative; tp sometimes said words are not systematically
-It looks more haunted / scary etc
-It looks more EGO.

Feature 2 people ruled Penangkeb:
-Submission and surrender such dicocok bull nose.
-forgot the obligations and more concerned sipengguna penangkeb affairs.
-often daydreaming, blank looks, lack of passion for life.
-very afraid menundukan yg pd.

How to make penangkeb.
Special serana;
When penangkeb in the form of rerajah (sesabukan) sipemakai be easily mastered orang2's way. people's way immediately saw and talked, at the moment also penangkeb work and pervasive ...

Family Penangkeb dlm;
Many such cases to menundukan husband and the husband's family.
yg serana is used menstrual blood.
made a ritual / pengurip, then put dimakanan.
and at that moment also that he will submit his wife pd.
to the wife free to do whatever.
free learn something, such Ngeleak.

There is also Penangkeb fiend, namely menundukan and expel the ancestors or the protested Batara / Mrajan.

Yg main Serana used is pubic hair,
serana of these hairs then placed in banten diaturkan refuted, so the ancestors / God will be expelled, and the horse's mouth easily mastered kekeuarga.
whether the search tumbal, economics, etc..

How to cope with Penangkeb;
- Avoid eye contact with the user, if we are seen and there is a feeling (keleteg) .. unsettled state Gayatri mantram (Hindu), can also inhale and exhale the ground please pd kerahayuan Motherland.

- Diligent special maturan pd rahinan kelion etc, diligent and clean the area mebakti protested masing2 home.

- Diligent prayer ..


Desti is a supernatural force can cause a person wrote or target (victim) suffered a disaster or illness.

Desti Bahan2 maker;
- Things come of 2 yg potential victims / people-be dibencanai spt
= Hair, nails, clothes (cd), perhisan, flowers etc used yg

- 2 mediators such thing
= Eggs, water, stone, kris, flowers, etc.

How a Desti;
Desti sent from a distance different from a direct reply pepasangan planted / installed place of the victim.

Desti use of examples:
Material from the victim's hair.
They will be filled with hair wrapped dimantrai tattoo and then burned .. a few moments or a few days later the victim will fall ill.

Raw Eggs dirajah.
Usually eggs are eggs used yg dr feathered hen red or black first new-laying.
pd egg-written name of the person (victim) and then tied diritualkan wrapped yarn tridatu ..

Whenever Desti attack;
Desti attack sleep at the moment the victim fell asleep, most potent and Desti's terrible at night. Krn at the moment that the small rare not keep our bodies, so that our body is empty and Desti jd very easy to enter.

Science Leak penekun people would be very easy to send Desti, because science can be serana Leak dlm Desti delivery.

Actions that are not easily attacked by Desti;
-diligent prayer
-diligent bertirtayatra
-before sleep should wash my face.
-pray before bed
-do not easily distracted / mind blank
-Positive Thingking.